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Dana Dinnawi - Clinical Nutritionist

Dr Mohamed Abolgheit

Professor at Qasr Al Aini Medical School

Dana Dinnawi - Clinical Nutritionist

Noura Hassaballa

Nutritionist and Health Coach

Dana Dinnawi - Clinical Nutritionist

Rehab Mohamed

Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Dana Dinnawi - Clinical Nutritionist

Diana A Beydoun

Holistic Nutritionist, MS, CNC

Dana Dinnawi - Clinical Nutritionist

Dana Dinnawi

Clinical Nutritionist


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Meal Plan

  • Breakfast

    - Spanish omlette

  • Morning Snack

    - 1 Banana or 1 Apple

  • Lunch

    - Avocado Turkey Sandwich

    - 3 Tbsp. hummus

  • Afternoon Snack

    - Green garden salad

There is no one diet that works for everyone

There is no one diet that works for everyone

Every “body” is a unique story. Generic diets can be harmful to the extent of causing hormonal and behavioral changes. We handpicked top nutritionists to work closely with you, tailoring diets based on your eating habits, food preferences, health history and goals.

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All of our nutritionists have been verified for their credentials and vetted to provide a top notch personalized instadiet experience for you

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At instadiet, our nutritionists are firmly against starvation diets. Your diets will incorporate your favorite foods, with ingredients that you choose and actually like.


Busy job? Spending time with family? Travelling? Not a problem, you will receive meal-plans and follow up with a nutritionist from your mobile, saving you hours in driving and waiting in clinics.

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