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Lose weight and DON’T gain it again

With “10-Day Food Response Analysis” that determines which food items cause YOUR body to accumulate fat and weight.

  • Minimal changes to lose weight for good
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Avoid bad chronic illnesses
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What is Glycemic Response?

Glycemic Response is the changes in blood glucose levels after consuming any food item. Science proved that our bodies respond to the same foods in a totally different way. To lose weight effectively, each one of us needs to know which foods cause an increase in blood glucose levels for them.

One man’s food is another man’s poison

Report benefits

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  • Effective Weight Management

    Effective Weight Management

    Know which foods are well digested by your body and prevent fat accumulation

  • Keeping Healthy

    Keeping Healthy

    Control blood glucose levels and decrease the probability of chronic illnesses (e.g: diabetes, heart diseases, some cancers)

  • Improved Mood & Energy

    Improved Mood & Energy

    Identify foods that release the most nutrients into your blood, maintain energy levels and improve your mood

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How it Works?


Receive Glucose Measuring Kit

We send you an easy-to-use kit that will continuously measure your blood glucose levels for more than 10 days


Monitor Glycemic Response

You eat normally while in the background we analyze your body’s response for different foods


Get Personalized Report

You receive tailored recommendations for good and bad foods for your body

Manage your blood glucose and start eating what’s healthy for you

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“The good gut is taking control of your weight, your mood, and your long term health.”

It’s not only about weight management

High glucose level is the key risk factor for many chronic illnesses (e.g. heart diseases, diabetes level 2, some cancers). To preserve your health you need to know your superfoods, the ones that provides you with energy and nutrients without causing your blood glucose to increase suddenly.

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  • Early Bird Discount

    Our original price is 5,000 EGP. Our early bird discount is 3,500 EGP. This offer is available for a very limited time before we go back to our normal pricing.

  • 1-Week Meal Plan

    The current offer includes a free meal plan for 1-week. To help you understand how can you best apply the results of the report to your daily eating habits.

  • Healthy Premium Recipes

    Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating dull foods or starving yourself. We will send you a compilation for recipes for healthy snacks & smoothies

3,500 5,000
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  • Why does the report cost that much?

    We use latest technology and expensive devices to monitor your glycemic response to different foods.

  • How I will receive the kit?

    We will deliver it to your doorstep with a courier along with easy-to-follow instructions to get started.

  • How will I get my report?

    We will send you the report electronically on either email or WhatsApp. We will also schedule a phone call to explain the results and tips on how to practically adopt it.

  • How long does it take to get my report?

    It typically takes two weeks to get your report ready.


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