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Eliminate Diabetes Medications

With our unique program you can bring blood sugar down to normal levels, without medication or surgery

  • Reduce A1C
  • Eliminate diabetes medications
  • Lose weight for good
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eliminate medications

Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible

A significant number of studies indicate that diabetes reversal is achievable by changing the patients lifestyle and the food they eat [Study 1, Study 2, Study 3]

Blood sugar control without the drugs

  • A1C Reduction

    A1C Reduction

    Reduce A1C to the normal level without medications or surgery

  • Medications Elimination

    Medications Elimination

    Address the root cause of diabetes and stop using medicine to treat food

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Lose weight and regain energy by eating foods that are well metabolised by your body

  • Heart Disease Risk Decrease

    Heart Disease Risk Decrease

    Reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining normal glucose level and healthy lifestyle

A New Model for Diabetes Care

Diabetes needs more than a visit to the doctor every now and then. Its chronic nature coupled with its serious complications requires addressing the root cause (nutrition) along with continuous care


Precision Nutrition Therapy

Because our metabolism is different for the same foods we adopt latest tech to provide you with individualized nutrition advice tailored to your body’s response to food


Continuous Remote Diabetes Coaching

We work with you hand-in-hand remotely to make sure you managing your blood glucose levels in the most individualized and efficient way. Our coaching covers what to eat, how to calculate your insulin to which type of exercise is good for you and how to handle stress

Why it works!


We address the root cause of diabetes

Which is managing your blood glucose levels. We help you choose foods that doesn’t cause spikes to your blood glucose.


Our approach is designed for sustainability

We teach you how to self-manage diabetes. Ranging from how to calculate your insulin dose to how to handle injuries and avoid complications.


Nutritional therapy centers on you

Everybody is a unique story. We metabolize same foods in a totally different way. We help you find out what works for YOUR body

How it Works?


Receive Glucose Measuring Kit

We send you an easy-to-use kit that will continuously measure your blood glucose levels for more than 10 days


Analyze Glycemic Response

You eat normally while we analyze your body’s metabolism for different foods. We tell you what’s good and bad for your body


Goal Setting and Follow Up

In a 3-month engagement we set goals that addresses YOUR priorities and devise a plan to reach them together

More Benefits


Save Money

Controlling your blood glucose levels helps saves money spent on medications and insulin.


No More Finger Pricks

With the sensor you don’t have to prick your finger every minute. You receive your glucose readings automatically on your mobile phone.


Avoid Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes increases your risk for many serious health problems, like cardiovascular disease, eye damage, foot damage & more.

Avoid Complications of Diabetes

Health is your most precious asset, you need to stay healthy to enjoy life with your beloved family & friends rather spending it at clinics & caring about medications times. You are well aware of the complications of diabetes and you have the option to avoid all these complications & enjoy a healthy life with your family.


Ends soon

  • Early Bird Discount

    Our original price is 3,500 EGP. Our early bird discount is 2,400 EGP. This offer is available for a very limited time before we go back to our normal pricing.

  • 1 Sensor

    The price includes the cost of 1 CGM sensor, note we add no additional fees to the original price of the CGM.

  • 3-Month Subscription

    After our initial analysis, we work together to set and achieve goals that will help you manage your weight and be in control of diabetes.

2,400 3,500
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  • What Is CGM?

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a device to track glucose levels throughout the day and night. CGM systems take glucose measurements at regular intervals, up to 24 hours a day, and translate the readings into dynamic data, providing glucose direction and rate of change.

  • How I will receive the kit?

    We will deliver it to your doorstep with a courier along with easy-to-follow instructions to get started.


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